Which type of email marketing does my company need?
WELCOME // ON-Boarding Email
Welcome emails show better open and click-through rates when they offer a personal touch and introduce your organization without slathering on the sales pitch. Don’t introduce a new product or service before you’ve built a relationship. Simply work on giving off a good first impression offering a stunning visually pleasing design — one that illustrates your industry knowledge and expertise — and pave the way for future contact.

News Letter // Exposure email
Newsletters are great not only for marketing to prospects, but also for nurturing your existing customers with company news and events, product announcements and feedback requests. Such ongoing communication will help you retain happy customers and collect valuable insights about them, so make sure you're utilizing a platform such as ActiveCampaign or ConstantContact to send your emails and track metrics. 
For example, if your goal is to drive traffic to specific pages, you would need to closely monitor click-through rates (CTR). A CTR measures the number of times someone has clicked the link versus the number of people who viewed the link.

Contact a FeCTS Agent (Forever Calling the Shots Consultant) for guidance on any email marketing challenges. We mean any! Heck we even offer free insight if the solution is feasible to feature as a feat of strength case study. The more difficult, the better! We're very competitive. ;]
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